VEX IQ Challenge Field Tiles and Spares

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The official VEX IQ Challenge Field Perimeter & Tile kits are available as a full 6ft x 8ft field, or by thirds (228-3051), or an upgrade box to convert your old field to the new size (228-7395)!

Practice on the same surface you will be competing on! The field's snap-together construction allows for assembly in minutes.

Note: The official VEX IQ Challenge field uses a 6' x 8' field. This product - the Full Field Perimeter and Tiles will provide the following:

  • 2 x 228-3051 boxes
  • 1 x 228-7395 box 

These 3 boxes will snap together to create a 6ft x 8ft field.

 If you are looking to expand your 4' x 8' field to a 6' x 8' field, you simply need to purchase (1) VIQC Field Upgrade Kit (228-7395).

VIQC Field Upgrade Kit (228-7395)

The Upgrade Kit contains:

  • 16pcs of 12" x 12" Square Tile with Rubber Feet
  • 4pcs of 12" Straight Wall Section

Half Field & Perimeter Kit (228-3051)

The Half Field contains:

  • 16pcs of 12" x 12" Square Tile with Rubber Feet
  • 10pcs of 12" Straight Wall Section
  • 2pcs 12" Outside Corner Wall Section

Note: You can purchase 3 of these to create a 6'x8' field with spare corners and edges, or just purchase 2 of these to create the old 4' x 8' field.