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Pneumatic cylinders use compressed air (rather than motors) to produce motion that rests in one of 2 states: fully extended or fully retracted.

The cylinder in Pneumatics Kit 1 is single-acting -- it uses air to extend the cylinder rod, but uses a spring to return to its contracted state. As a result, the cylinder may expand and contract at different speeds.

In contrast, the cylinders in Pneumatics Kit 2 are double-acting and use compressed air to both extend and retract.

Solenoid Driver Cable (2-pack)

The Pneumatic Solenoid Driver Cable is this same driver cable that is included in the Pneumatic Kits. This cable takes the digital On\Off signal and controls the 5V power applied to a pneumatic solenoid.

  • 3 wire PWM Connector to connect to the VEX EDR Microcontroller
  • 2 wire Pneumatic Connector to connect to the Pneumatic Solenoid
  • Rated for about 3/4 Amp