High Strength Shaft Hardware

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High Strength Shaft Hardware functions similarly to standard ⅛” shaft hardware, just on a larger scale. Use the High Strength Shaft Bearing to allow shafts to turn smoothly, the High Strength Shaft Spacer Kit to position objects on a shaft while reducing friction, and the High Strength Clamping Collar to hold everything in place.

VEX EDR 2", 3", and 4" High Strength Shafts are actually designed about 1 mm shorter than their respective 2", 3", and 4" 8-32 Standoffs.

This means that if you use standoffs to hold together two pieces of metal, the High Strength Shaft can rest on High Strength Shaft Bearings attached to those two pieces without any cutting required.

NOTE: 1/4" High Strength Shafts can only be used with 1/4" accessories, including:

  • The High Strength Gear Kit (276-2250)
  • The 84T High Strength Gear (276-3438)
  • 3.25" Wheels that include a removable wheel insert