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Advanced Mechanics and Motion Kit

Advanced Mechanics and Motion Kit

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This kit contains a variety of mechanisms to help a robot builder learn about the mechanics of motion. Use them to see examples of worm gears, lead screws, universal joints, bevel gear reductions and rotary cams.

  • Create complex robot mechanisms.
  • Learn advanced mechanics principles.



  • (2) Hand Crank
  • (1) Lead Screw Nut
  • (4) Lead Screw Segment
  • (2) Lead Screw Mounting Bracket
  • (2) 16T Bevel Gear
  • (2) 32T Bevel Gear
  • (4) Worm Wheel
  • (4) Worm Gear
  • (2) Drop Off Cam
  • (2) Cam Follower
  • (2) Cam Follower Mounting Bracket
  • (2) Universal Joint