1/2" Hex Bore Plastic VersaHub v2

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VEXpro VersaHubs provide frustration-free torque transfer between wheels, gears, sprockets, and shafts.

Got a 1/2" Hex that you need to put a plate sprocket on? No problem. Need to mount a 64-tooth gear to your Mecanum Wheel? We can do that. Whatever your need, these hubs will help you integrate everything together seamlessly.

Most of the wheels and sprockets that teams typically use (including the previous generation of VEXpro wheels) don't take piloting into account. We wanted to make sure that everything pilots correctly... every time. Wheels, hubs, gears, sprockets… they all work together.

VersaHubs include the innovative VersaKey mounting system -- VersaKeys transfer torque between coaxial items, and also ensure everything is piloted correctly.