High Strength Sprocket & Chain Kit

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High Strength Sprockets and Chain allow for higher loads to be transmitted across long distances. The Sprockets come in five different sizes, allowing for numerous ratios to best suit your needs. The High Strength and Sprockets are also capable of lifting up to 50 pounds, so make sure to use them on your heavy lifting mechanisms!

This High Strength Sprocket & Chain Kit provides larger size chain and sprockets designed for use with the VEX EDR Robotics Design System. These reinforced sprockets and chain can be used just like the VEX EDR Sprocket and Chain Kit but can withstand higher stresses and lift heavier loads.

VEX EDR High Strength Chain is the same pitch as VEX EDR Tank Tread. The components from this kit are compatible with all VEX EDR Tank Tread components. Also use included "Attachment Links" to attach structural components to your chain. Every link can act as a master link to make chains of any length. Use this kit for any application where regular chain just won't cut it!

  • High Strength Design - up to 50 lbs
  • 12 Sprockets in 5 Sizes
  • 54" of Chain Links