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VIQC 2020-21 Field & Game Element Kit - Rise Above

VIQC 2020-21 Field & Game Element Kit - Rise Above

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All the field elements & game objects needed to build a complete VEX IQ Challenge Rise Above field. One Full Field Set.

Rise Above Full Field & Game Element Kit
  • (9) Orange Riser Assemblies
  • (9) Teal Riser Assemblies
  • (9) Purple Riser Assemblies
  • (9) Goal Assemblies

Note: VEX IQ Challenge Field Perimeter & Tiles are not included with the Rise Above Full Field Kit. Must be added separately. This kit contains the Field Scoring Elements and Game Elements for 2020-21 season of VEX IQ Challenge.

You can backorder these, however there will be an approximate 3-5week lead time. Please contact us on if these are urgent.