Second Hand - VEX IQ Challenge Field - Half Field Perimeter and Tiles

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This item is the same as the 'Half Field Kit' typically available for sale, however was used once at the 2020 VEX IQ Nationals. This is being sold as second hand with a discount applied.

The official VEX IQ Challenge Field Perimeter & Tile kits are available as a full field, half field, and individually! Practice on the same surface you will be competing on! The field's snap-together construction allows for assembly in minutes.

Half Field Kit (228-3051)

  • (16) 12" x 12" Square Tile with Rubber Feet
  • (10) 12" Straight Wall Section
  • (2) 12" Outside Corner Wall Section

Note that as fields move from 4' x 8' to 6' x 8', users will need to purchase 3 of these Half Fields and Tiles.

Those looking to make a smaller section for education purposes will still be able to purchase just two to create a 4' x 8' field if desired. 

You can backorder these, however there will be an approximate 3-5week lead time. Please contact us on if these are urgent.