VEXnet Joysticks

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The VEXnet Joystick is the most intuitive way to wirelessly control a VEX EDR robot. With a familiar layout inspired by video game controllers, the VEXnet Joystick features face buttons, and 4 "trigger" buttons. Powered by AAA batteries or through the VEXnet Joystick Power Adapter.

Have a lot of moving parts on your robot? Simply connect the Partner Joystick to the VEXnet Joystick using a Coiled Handset Cable and divide command between two separate operators! Great for building teamwork or for complex robots.

NOTE: VEXnet Joystick and Partner Joystick contain the associated controllers ONLY. Six (6) AAA batteries or a power adapter are required for operation, and a VEXnet Key 2.0 is required for wireless communication.