Analog Accelerometer V1.0

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Measures accelerations on three axes simultaneously. By measuring the acceleration of the robot, one can calculate the velocity of the robot or the distance this robot has traveled. Accelerometers are also great for detecting collisions and determining if the robot is stopped or moving.

  • Three Axis Accelerometer
  • Selectable sensitivity via jumper: ±2g and ±6g
  • 0-5V analog output (one for each axis)
  • Uses the LIS344ALH chip
  • LED indicates power and proper connection
  • Mounts directly to robot

The LIS344ALH capacitive micromachined accelerometer features signal conditioning, a 1-pole low pass filter, temperature compensation and g Select which allows for the selection among 2 sensitivities. Zero-g offset full scale span and filter cut-off are factory set and require no external devices.

The sensor will measure acceleration in both directions along each of the 3 axis. Acceleration along the X or Y axis in the direction of the silkscreened arrows will produce a larger reading, while acceleration in the opposite direction will produce a smaller reading. For the Z axis, upward acceleration (in the direction of the board's face) produces larger values, and downward acceleration (toward the board's back) produces lower values.

Gravity is indistinguishable from upward acceleration, so the sensor will detect a constant 1.0G while at rest. If the board is mounted horizontally, gravity will effect only the Z axis. If the sensor is tilted away from the horizontal, the gravity reading on the Z axis will diminish, and the readings on the other axis will change depending on which way you are tilting it.